Love notes from people I've Worked With:



"Mara is an excellent writer and content manager with both the creative and organizational skills needed to excel on any marketing or editorial team. She is a joy to work with, always goes the extra mile, and is one of the most reliable and dedicated employees I've ever come across. Any team would be lucky to have her."

-Ariana Whitson, HR Coordinator at Idean




"Mara is an extremely competent marketing professional with a skill set that would add incredible value to any team. She consistently produced desired results for our team's goals and was always eager to surpass her achievements by setting even more impactful goals. Mara is totally a team player and a rare blend of focus and analytical while still being able to grasp big-picture concepts and business growth needs. She is an excellent communicator and a fantastic person to work directly in a client-facing role, as she makes people instantly feel at ease and has a unique ability to connect with just about anyone and everyone. I would recommend Mara wholeheartedly for any company needing a dependable, forward-thinking, mature, focused, and results-driven individual."

-Zach Beaudoin, Marketing Director at Santa Cruz Core Fitness


"Let me first say, the results exceeded any expectations of working with Mara! I felt as if she could read my mind most of the time. The ease and openness of her communication. Her ability to take my idea, and tease it out into a more solid, concrete version. Her ongoing encouragement when I was feeling stuck. I feel like I’ve gained more self-confidence having a business plan I love. I have been able to take that confidence and book a client without having my website yet to send them to! I would highly recommend anyone to work with Mara. She has a gift of being able to see someone’s vision, and expanding on their vision. The results are nothing less than extraordinary."

-Tami Vandrie, Intuitive Coach + Healer @ Tami Vandrie Wellness


"As a service based and heart centered entrepreneur it is really important to me that I am being authentic with my audience. Something just wasn't clicking, that is until I found Mara. She is engaging and authentic! The smoke has been cleared and I finally get "it"!  It feels like I am finally finding my unique voice, and with Mara's help I know I now have the tools to connect + serve my ideal audience. I now feel empowered to take action!"

-Adrienne Clements, Health Coach @ Ignite Adventures



"You don't have to be a novice entrepreneur to get value from Mara's copywriting. Knowing what NOT to do is especially helpful. I'm armed with more confidence + tools, It's clear Mara knows her stuff." 

-Petrina Hamm, Fitness + Business Coach @ Petrina Hamm Fitness





"I absolutely loved working with Mara and would hire her again in a heartbeat. I had all these ideas but no real outline or direction. Mara came on and totally got the concept. She's so creative, sharp, witty and smart and it really shines through. She was able to take my ideas and turn them into something useful! Everything completely exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to work with her again!"

-Asia Bird, Founder @ Sociable Sales




"For those that know what they want to accomplish, but aren't sure how to get there, working with Mara cleared all of that up! I feel so confident in telling others to check out my website."


-Carley Schweet, @ Coaching By Carley





"Mara helps you to get out of your own way and stop over thinking. She can help you to reach more quality clients and grow your vision into a successful business."

-Allyson Sunderman @ Holistic. Integrative. Women's Wellness







"Mara has become a fantastic resource for wellness professionals. She is an absolute pleasure to work with!"

-Caroline Shannon-Karasik @ Sincerely Caroline






"If you want to ditch the sketchy marketing hype that muddies the interwebs, and if you want to lead your tribe with authenticity, Mara has a road map you're going to want to check out."

-Aaron Ross Owens @