How I Got Started Online


The past never makes a whole lot of sense until you're looking at it from the future.

Ex-boyfriends, for example. Side ponytails. Global warming.

It's not until after it's done that you can sit back and say, Ah... I see now why that was a thing. 

Sometimes when I look at the progression of my life, I'm reminded that each phase was a stepping stone to the next. There's always a reason you are where you are NOW, wherever that might be.

It's because you're planting the seeds for where you will one day be. 

I started out online writing horoscopes for True story. (And in case you're wondering, yes - there's an element of truth to them, but there's an element of fiction. Take your horoscope with a grain of salt.) 

From there I branched out and started writing for other sites. I became an eHow writer. A Healthline writer. A managing editor for a big women's lifestyle website. A ghostwriter for a New York Times bestselling author. Then a copywriter. Then a marketing coach. 

And guess what? That's only in the last several years. 

The one thing that's been consistent from the start, however (and by "start" I mean birth), is that I knew I needed to make a living doing something I loved. I wasn't cut from that cloth where you slave your days away in some miserable cubicle to climb some elusive ladder that leads to - what? Money? "Success"? Security? 


My soul feels crippled when I'm not doing work that means something to me. 

I meet women - and men - all the time that tell me how cool it is that I work for myself. They say things like:

1. You're so lucky! 

2. Wow - how cool. I wish I could do something like that. 

3. You're living the dream, aren't you?

To which I reply (sometimes more in my head):

1. Luck has nothing to do with it. I've worked hard. I've made sacrifices to get here. And you can too. 

2. Yeah - it is really cool to do what I do. But you can too. 

3. Totally. I'm living MY dream. Because I made a choice to do that. You can too. 

If you're having trouble translating your passion into a business, you can't get the momentum going, or you just seem stuck trying to get more clients - here's what I would say:

Know that you were made to do what you love. 

You wouldn't have the desire to do these things if you weren't meant to do them. 

We all have to start somewhere. I started by quitting my job at a PR firm to begin a freelance career that didn't pay well but made me happy. From there, I hustled and I pivoted and I tried and I failed until I built my business. I had part-time jobs to help pay the bills. I lived on my savings. I put expenses on credit cards to invest in business growth. 

I didn't have a lot of help, but I did it anyway. 

So start today. Start somewhere.

I won't lie to you and tell you it's going to happen overnight. Or that you'll be a success story in 60 days. Or you'll get 10,000 followers on Twitter. 


But the amazing thing is that when you take action, things start to happen.  

Trust me. 

It's the law of momentum. You just have to start getting in motion and eventually you'll be barreling down the path of your dreams. Totally unstoppable. A force to be reckoned with. 

If you're ready to make a living doing what you radically love?

Keep your eye on your inbox. I'm opening up a brand new program soon that is perfect for the woman who's tired of not starting. Tired of "maybe one day I'll do that." Ready to grow her dream business. Aching to do the work that's in her soul.

Can't wait to tell you more. 

In the meantime, be where you are today. Know that it's pure perfection. It's you writing the story of your life that will one day make sense in retrospect.