I'm a natural-born storytelleR, and I'm really into changing the world.

I care about health, wellness, and behavior change. I want to make an impact on the lives of individuals by reaching the masses with solutions that empower them.

I've excelled in various roles for health companies, fitness brands, physician groups, tech start-ups, and other forward-thinking teams who are bringing about positive shifts in the world.

I love to write, I love marketing, and I love the challenge of marrying the two into compelling, engaging copy that makes your customers or clients feel something. When people feel something, they will do something. This is the magic of stellar content, and it’s what I live and breathe. 


Fun Facts:

  • I was a ghostwriter for two New York Times best-selling authors.

  • I'm a writer in my heart and a strategist in my head. I bring a valuable blend of creativity and organization to my work. (Several people have described me as, “the most analytical creative” they’ve ever worked with.)

  • I’ve trained with world-renowned direct-response copywriters and behavioral science experts. This has allowed me to hone my craft in ways that get results. Period.

  • I was born and raised in Northern California, which means the redwoods, the sea, and buttery Chardonnay are three of my great loves. Also, I'm a Silicon Valley tech geek at heart.


Where You've Seen me: